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Concert at Scena na Piętrze.

Poznan, Scena na Piętrze, 3.03.2017, 7 p.m.


Don't you have our CD yet? looks great under the Christmas Tree :-) Our music will make this beautiful time even nicer and stay with you for a long time :-)

Yesterday we had an exceptional interview in Bydgoszcz at the Radio PiK.

Thank you Krzysztof Wilczynski and Adam Drozdzik :-)

Tonight Magda Jasińska will host us at the Radio PiK - "Zwierzenia przy muzyce" at 6:10 p.m.

You can vote for our song "Stop this Game" on the Radio Merkury's Chart.

Attention !!!

You can win our album "Inside The Noise".…

Tonight at 9 p.m. Artur Chachlowski will host us in his: Mały Leksykon Wielkich przebojów MLWZ.

Rock Serwis FM


Our album - Inside the noise - will be album of the week at Radio PiK.

Today (30.09.2016) we were interviewed at the Radio Merkury Poznan.

We were recording interviews for the other cities (Bydgoszcz, Rzeszów and Wrocław) connecting with a very nice Radio Hosts.


Thank you Maciej Janiszyn for calling our album one of a 3 best cd's of the year!!!

There it is :-) Our new clip called "Stop this game" is presented on a very influential
The song says about tolerance, respect and independent thinking. We had a great fun while shooting. Enjoy...

Our song "Stop this game" is listed as a proposition to the Polish Radio Channel 3's chart.
If you like the song and Face2Face there is a chance to listen to it more frequently on the air.
Support us by voting on us. Big hugs and lots of good energy to you Beautiful People

In a few days a full clip...

It's a wonderful feeling to make your dreams come true.
Mr Marek Niedźwiecki as always - big class !!!

Tomorrow physical CD will be released. On this occasion at 11:15 in Radio "Trójka" Marek Niedźwiecki will host us. We'll talk about our new CD.
You can get it in Empik, Świat Książki and the store of Agencja Polskiego Radia.
All the best!

The premiere is coming soon...but the pre-order in Empik is already possible...

We've got it :)
The Face2Face album entitled "Inside the Noise" will be released on 09.09.2016 by The Polish Radio !!!

The new Face2Face album "Inside the Noise" right after the summer vacation


Dreams come true! Our album will receive the finale touch at the world famous Abbey Road Studio in London...

In a few days our CD "Inside the Noise" will be ready...stay tuned for releasing details! We are very excited!

You must see this clip:
"Love is my church - making love is my prayer - wisdom is my aphrodisiac"


Our appearance on the "Hit of the 2015" gala in Radio Kielce:

And the winner is...

Thank you for all the support.

RK Winners

Zdjęcie użytkownika Barbara Szelągiewicz.

We are nominated by the Radio Kielce for the "Hit of the year" with our song "I'll be fine".

Keep your fingers crossed!

Vote for us

F2F w Szamotułach

A few photos from our concert in Szamotuly. It was great fun!

 F2F w Szamotułach

 F2F w Szamotułach 2

F2F w Szamotułach 3

F2F w Szamotułach 4

F2F w Szamotułach 5

F2F w Szamotułach 6

F2F w Szamotułach 7F2F w Szamotułach 9

We are still very busy. Now it's the girl's time. Basia is recording her violin, Ola - cello.

18 October we will play a concert in Szamotuły! We are very happy and hope that you will join us

You can buy ticket there: 

Krystian Hayn is recording guitars in a few songs. We're happy to have him. Did you see this fantastic amp? Hand made in Poland by my friend Marek Miśkiewicz. Sounds awesome! Thanks Marek!


Dear Guys,
Last Encore remains no.1 on the Radio Sochaczew 8th consecutive week.
Here is a link where you can vote:
Thank you all for precious support.
You are the best !!!



We recorded the drums wit Tobias Haas, who came to us from Germany, and guitar with Andrzej Laskowski.
Further information from us soon.


Like in life - ups and downs :-)

This week we're located on the 22nd position (Last week 13th).
So...don't forget to vote this week.

You can vote by clicking on:,0,glosuj-teraz
You can also send e-mails every day to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the message Face2Face - "I'll be fine". E-mail is even more valuable.


Today you can listen to Face2Face on two radio stations. At 6 p.m. Radio Index Zielona Gora.

At 8 p.m. Lukasz Szewczyk will interview us on his "Kulturka musi byc" show.

Guys you are amazing !!!
Week ago we were placed on 19th position.This week we jumped on 13th :-)
Thank you very much for your support.
Can we go any higher? Emotikon smile
We remind that you can still vote and support us.,1,lista-przebojow

Tonight Face2Face will be aired by Artur Chachlowski
on the RADIO KRK 102,4 FM with the 2nd single: "Last Encore".
Start: 9 p.m.

Tonight, after 11 p.m. Face2Face will be played on the Radio Opole :-)

Happy Easter :-)
Have a wonderful time !!!

Today at 2 p.m. Face2Face will be on Radio Kielce.
The host - Paweł Solarz - will ask us a few questions.
There is a little suprise for the listeners - you can get our 3 singles on CD.
Take care!

Our second single: "Last Encore" became "Hit of the Week" on Radio Kielce 

Video news from Face2Face


Today before 4 p.m. you will be able to listen to "I'll be fine" on Paweł Solarz's radio broadcast.

Tune in Radio Kielce :-)


Guys, Do you remember... :-)

Voting system :

*** sent e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the message Face2Face - "I'll be fine"

***,0,lista-przebojowclick GŁOSUJ

Cheers !!!

We are on the list for a 3 weeks !!!

Feels good :-)

Thank You Guys for voting.

Feel free to continue :-)

Have a nice day.,0,lista-przebojow


Today we will be played again in Adam Wołek's audition on the Radio Opole.

Be with us :-)


In a moment Face2Face will be played on Radio Kielce in Paweł Solarz audition - "Made in Kielce"


Hi guys!

Another fruitful week is behind us.

We got 5 points higher on the chart !!! We want to keep this trend and climb :-)

We remind that you can still vote and support us.,1,lista-przebojow

Our single is spreading all over the Poland.

Now we are working on German market.

If you have some friendly moderators we will share our singles gladly.

Have a great week!

Tomorrow- 13.03 , Friday , 8-10 p.m. our singiel will be presented by Tadeusz Grabuńczyk in his audition on Radio Aspekt.Cheers !


"I'll be fine" is being played on the Radio Kielce.

Hi guys!

Thank you for supporting us :-)

Thanks to you we reached the best 30 on the chart!!!

We can go higher with you :-)

Since you can't send sms from outside the Poland you can still support us the same way you did last week:,1,lista-przebojow.

With you, beautiful people, there are no limits:-)

Have a great week!

Face2Face reached radio PiK Bydgoszcz Chart (best 30) in the first week

Artur Chachlowski will present Face2Face and our new single “I’ll be fine” on Radio KRK Kraków

“I’ll be fine” became song of the week on the Radio PiK Bydgoszcz

“I’ll be fine” on the Radio Index Zielona Góra

We’re on radio BonTon

Our single “I’ll be fine” is aired on Radio Opole

“I’ll be fine” is played on Radio Enkhuizen (Holland)

Face2Face publishes the first single song from their upcoming album called: “I’ll be fine” on YouTube.

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